Future is Now!' Masters of Media Exhibition

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology  & Art Sans Frontieres, present the ‘Future is Now!’ Exhibition

AR Posters 'Anatomy of an Augmented Realist' by I.B.B.

A Master of Media mid-year Showcase

Melbourne, Australia— 2018/6/9 RMIT University & Art Sans Frontieres International Art Gallery produced the ‘Future is Now!’ Master of Media Mid-year Exhibition. Hosted in the bustlingly vibrant RMIT Melbourne City campus on Swanston Street, the event welcomed media industry practitioners, students, and educators to witness what was a multimedia extravaganza of an evening.

Guests enjoyed browsing the student productions being broadcasted on the walls of the campuses, custom designed Mega Flex 3 facilities, multiple projectors. A broad variety of documentary, podcasts and features were visible, showcasing the talent and creativity of students. On display was cutting edge Augmented Reality (AR) technology combined with print design and poster art illustrations from final year student Issiah B. Burckhardt, a popular attraction on the evening which wowed viewers with colourful animation enlivening the illustratied posters on the wall via a mobile app he developed, which utilizes machine-vision (MV) and machine-learning (ML) technology to recognize his illustrations.


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