Eval Precis™ Valid and Reliable Assessment of Education and Training

The Latin phrase “eval precis” translates to “precise evaluation” in English.

At Genius.Tools, we're focussed on meaningful educational innovations. We take accurate assessment extremely seriously.

The socially ugly and academically problematic days of using poorly designed analytic rubrics to grade work are over. Gone are the endless hours of providing student work with carefully crafted comments, only to have them ignored for a numerical score, or worse. Your online learning analytics probably show student's: log in, check scores, log out. And who can blame them?!

As senior educators, education management and instructional/assessment designers, we're on the educational frontlines, delivering quality tutelage ourselves, we understand the time and energy you put into your courses and learners.

Introducing the 'Eval Precis™' done for you service from Genius.Tools, a breakthrough solution for assessment and training design for higher education. Incorporating features such as unlimited analytic rubric designs, quality control checklists, operational manuals, instructional guides, and priority support, it is tailored for mission-critical institutions seeking to optimize their grading process. Starting at $30,000 per month, with an optional certification mark license, 'Eval Precis™' delivers unmatched cost savings, time efficiency, and enhanced learning engagement.

The Eval Precis™ Service

  • Valid & Reliable Standards-based Analytic Rubric Designs
  • Robustly Reliable
  • Validly sound and Construct Relevant (Compartmentalises clusters of meta-cognitions, cognitions in observable bio-feedback and Function/Logic-performance/results-based)
  • Effortlessly Provide Constructive Feedback BEFORE providing any comments on student work
  • Slash your grading time by orders of magnitude and save time and money
  • Procedural Standards as Operational Manuals/Guidelines (Operations Training Manual)

Unmatched Benefits for all Stakeholders.

For University Staff:

  • Cost Efficiency: 'Eval Precis' automates grading, significantly saving time and resources
  • Time-saving: It streamlines grading, freeing up staff for other important tasks
  • Standardized Grading: The system ensures consistent, fair grading, eliminating subjectivity

For Students:

  • Enhanced Learning: Clear, detailed feedback enhances understanding and identifies areas for improvement
  • Efficient Feedback: Timely feedback optimizes learning outcomes

For Regulators and Policymakers:

  • Standardized Grading: With standards-based grading, monitoring and evaluating university performance becomes easier

The 'Eval Precis' system is poised to revolutionize your institution, simplifying grading for staff, enhancing student learning and satisfaction, and providing regulators with reliable, standardized grading processes.

Academic Validation

Our assertions are backed by extensive academic research by our director of education PhD researcher Issiah B. Burckhardt. This original system is based on years of his research and development in educational assessment, combining his expertise in Higher Education and Vocational Education and Corporate Training. The Eval Precis™ Ethos is based on the following evidence-based realities:

  1. Clear and consistent grading enhances student engagement
  2. Precise and relevant feedback improves student outcomes
  3. Just (Unbiased) and consistent (Reliable) grading delivers educational benefits

In conclusion, 'Eval Precis' stands as a significant investment for your institution, capable of redefining staff workflows, student learning experiences, and overall system credibility. Consider the 'Eval Precis' system for a future-proof solution to your assessment needs.

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