ScholarBrain™ Assist: GenAI Social Science Research Helper

Are you ready to put an AI team of Research Assistants to work for you?! Have an absolute ball producing better social science research while saving time and energy, with ScholarBrain Assist™, the first of it's kind, Generative AI for Research - digital document package and course, featuring, blue-print posters, cheat-sheets and prompt engineer scripts. This masterclass workshop includes instructional video, all the templates and is easy access, neatly packaging up everything you need to get up to scratch with the state-of-the-art Generative AI (GenAI) tools in the shortest possible time.

The pace of developments in Artificial Intelligence is rapid. Machine Learning is being used to successfully model mechanisms for generating content which still requires an individual to have specialised skills and experience. Graphic design, illustration, writing and music are all experiencing a golden era in augmented creativity because the digital "AI" systems and software applications which we've developed recently can now synthesise new creative outputs based on aggregates and estimations of massive quantities of such data. 

Ultimately, these systems don't understand what they'doing but they -in simple terms- can be equated to acting as sophisticated calculators, which instead of being used to perform only arithmetic operations, can perform generative operations based on existing patterns of image generation and pixel construction (TXT2IMG), audio wave reconstruction (TXT2AUDIO), and text re/synthesis (TXTGEN). 

This continuously updated course will not go into detail about the inner workings of these machine learning models, there's an abundance of information about the inner workings of these models available directly from each model developer, so we'll focus on only what you need to know to use the technology, powerfully, efficiently and ethically.

The outputs these AI models generate are far from perfect but do in some cases give the impression of being uncannily capable when they generate a convincing and useful output. Prompt engineering is basically the art of coaxing out of these systems, a higher quality output by better speaking the language the model best responds to, so that it generates something you find useful.

This ScholarBrain Assist™ course is created and delivered by Technical Philosopher Issiah B. Burckhardt. He provides you with lifetime access to an evolving set of prompts and tools which are designed to keep up with the brisk pace of innovation in generative AI in application to research. Fundamentally, you're going to quickly and easily learn and immediately put to use these generative AI applications so that you can produce higher quality research in less time while having a lot of fun.

Inline with our Genius.Tools™ style of pedagogy; of 'learning by doing'; You will find not a word wasted. We hate to mince words or waste time. This intro is a 2 minute read, and there's only absolutely essential theory, all else is tactics and strategy. No hours and hours of boring video to sit through, we get straight to it.  Everything you need to surf the waves of the AI revolution of advanced digital automation to knowledge-work success. You'll have a sickeningly unfair advantage at work and school that'll free you up to optimise your work-life balance;

Your yearly subscription of Lifetime Purchase option provides you access to a continuously updated set of:

  • Advanced Prompt Engineer Scripts Package for every common research activity, incl. Annotated Bibliography, PRESS Search Protocol, AACODS Critical Appraisal and PRISMA Systematic Reviews and so much more.
  • GenAI Best Practice Cheatsheets which allow you to reliably validate outputs.
  • GenAI Strategic Blueprint Poster which instructs which tools are best used for which tasks.
  • Realtime Researcher™ Full Stack Technology Checklist. Quickly learn how to harness an outrageous set of tightly integrated Research tools and develop the research workflow of your dreams in addition to all the AI tools.
  • Tactical Installation instruction solution, This Workbook provides an easy to follow, step-by-step guide to using and leveraging the transformational benefits of free and paid tools for every user, with cloud and local installation options galore.
ScholarBrain Assist™ is in final alpha testing stages, join the waitlist now and get notified as soon as early-bird availability is released for the lucky, first come first served, as access will be limited. If ScholarBrain Assist™ Workshops are held in your area, we'll notify you so you can learn to use this system alongside other academics, researchers and colleagues.
Click the link to get notified about when you can get access to ScholarBrain Assist™.

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